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[Android]Hi Translator

1. Translations available
12 countries and provides language translation.
If the clip is located in the middle of the right button at the bottom of the translated result is output.
2. Voice Recognition
Through voice recognition to translate words and phrases are entered.
3.TTS (Text to speech) functionality
Japanese built. English language support during installation TTS 7 countries (U.S., UK), Japanese, yiteolriaheo, Spanish, French, yitalriaheodeung (how to install Hi Trnaslator - settings - TTS installed OK, and click OK to install.)
4. Tweeter Interworking
Twitter is a word or phrase translated materials will be sent.
5.SMS Features
SMS sent: SMS send the translated data is available.
SMS pop-up feature: When a character receives will be brought to the character contents of the pop
Wonhalsi can translate the contents of the SMS received.
6. E-capability
E-mail can be sent to translate resources.
7. Wordbook (History) function
A vocabulary as a result of translation can be retrieved later. At this point, the data rate does not occur.
8. Clipboard function
Translated the results will be stored on the clipboard.
9. Preference feature
Translated, the resulting language specification
TTS settings (check the installation and support for English or British)
Clear Function: translate the results and will reset input.
By default, 3G, wifi when there is the exercise of my functions.

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