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Brief experience with Google Buzz - another way to go viral?

Brief experience with Google Buzz
1. I downloaded 'Buzz for Mobile' at iphone
2. Then I searched some people around my place
The balloon represents the place where people posted
There were lots of people around Washington DC - They usually waited for 2nd Snowmageddon.
3. Then I followed some people by using "nearby search"
There were already many using Google Buzz.
It's quite like Twitter. GIS works quite well but sometimes it shows "Unknown location" sign.
4. It also allows attaching photos.
5. Then, I received a mail of Google Buzz for Gmail integration
Already I followed 58 people and was followed by 8 people. Usually they are near my place.
6. I can also connect several sites with Google Buzz by saying simply the user ID.
7. "Google Profile" page became extremely important because of advent of Google Buzz.
8. I think this is pretty easy to use and propagate one's thought to people nearby. It can be integrated with Gmail seamlessly and it may substitute Facebook or Twitter's place in my case.




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